Aron Ralston


Recently I got an assignment from a German newspaper to photograph Aron Ralston. Aron was the outdoorsman who while hiking through a remote box canyon in Utah had his hand pinned beneath a boulder. His hand was crushed but worse yet he was trapped. After several days, he realized that the only way to survive was to cut off his own hand. Amazingly, he summoned the courage to do it and was able to find some other hikers who found help. It was a big local story when it happened, since it displayed a cool logic and will to live that many people can’t fathom in today’s modern world so lacking in risk.

The story was centered on Aron’s new life. He is recently married and his wife was pregnant. She has since given birth. Furthermore, when we spoke with Aron he talked about a vision he had when he was trapped- of a small child, his future son. He said that vision gave him the strenght to do what he needed to survive. It was an amazing story from a very fascinating person.

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